Counting down to the new season

I am in somewhat of a dilemma as I am only in the UK for day one of the Premier League until mid October. Obviously thanks to global communication I can keep up with how the season’s shaping up (and whether Southampton continue with their “snatching defeat from the jaws of victory” routine). But my main dilemma is with the predictions league of which I am a part (narrowly missed out on promotion last season). I have to do eight weeks of predictions after just one game. Now I think this would be a tricksy challenge even for the great Lawro never mind a bear of my little footballing brain.

Luckily the lovely Mark who runs the predictions league (and is a man who likes a spreadsheet) will accept me changing my answers and even texting them to him instead of the usual email so now I just have to hope that I can get some sort of internet connection to follow the form.

Yes, I don’t need anyone to point out to me how sad this is.


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