Serenity and forgiveness

On Friday I went to the Inner Space lecture off St Martin’s Lane. I’d been to one of their lectures before which was attended by 15-20 people so I was a little overwhelmed when I walked into the room and there were about 70 people there. I thought “how on earth am I going to be able to concentrate, let alone meditate with this many people around me?”.

The speaker was Nikki de Carteret, who is big in the world of spirituality (I’m new to this okay). The subject was the power of forgiveness (let’s face it I need to learn how to do this in my life) and, at first, I was a bit frustrated. We didn’t seem to get on to the subject matter very quickly (plus there was a very noisy man behind me rustling a plastic bag which was doing nothing for my serenity) but soon I was being blown away about once every two minutes. Not only did Nikki share her extremely credible and highly useful “prescription for forgiveness”, but she got us meditating: not once or twice but about four times within the hour and a half. I was not the only person in the room who found these meditations so powerful that tears were flowing.

I can’t believe these lectures are free. Everyone should go. Well no they shouldn’t because then it would be even noisier and more daunting.


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