Missing my car

I’m afraid I am missing my car especially in this monsoon-like weather. It was so much easier (although admittedly very environmentally unfriendly) to jump in the car to the shops than having to trudge through the rain and then struggle back with bags of shopping digging into your hands.

I have to say my insurance company has been fantastic. Made me a really reasonable offer and sorted everything out very quickly. I would recommend Diamond to anyone (okay you have to be a girl, but I’d recommend it to all girls).

My poor little car is now sitting in a scrapyard in Canvey Island. Poor thing. I know it’s only an inanimate lump of metal but I loved whizzing around with the roof down. Gave me much pleasure.

Also the alternatives, ie public transport, are entirely annoying. Came back from my parents on Sunday and I had to stand for the entire hour and 20 minute train journey – for this privelege I had to pay £24. Apparently train fares are going up. Excuse me, aren’t we supposed to be being encouraged to use the train more – joined up thinking? I think not.

Continuing the theme of transport madness, I was delayed on the tube a couple of weeks ago and received my £4 compensation from tfl this morning. This is all very nice but they know I have an Oyster card so my journey only costs £2, so why give me a non-Oyster fare refund? No wonder the tube is always running out of money.



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2 responses to “Missing my car

  1. I was browsing when i came across your site while looking for real stories related to the weather conditions you are currently experiencing in the UK. Sorry about your car! Hopefully everything works out fine!


  2. Thanks Ranjit. Given the current weather, perhaps I’d be best to get a boat instead!

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