Since spraining my ankle and breaking this teeny tiny (but incredibly painful) bone in my foot, I have been forced into “sensible footwear”. This is very irritating on a number of counts not least being I have a cupboard full of gorgeous shoes and can’t wear any of them. I tried on a relatively low pair of pink kitten heels, made it downstairs to the front door before having to admit defeat. I know you are meant to suffer for beauty and style but crippling myself and limping is really not an option (when did I get so sensible?).

The doctor recommended I wear trainers but I am really not a trainers sort of girl, I do have a pretty pair of Campers but they really only can be worn with jeans (cripple does not equal “lost all sense of style”, and look the sensible girl seems to have disappeared!).

So it’s been sandals virtually all the way for June and July. Under normal circumstances, sandals in June and July is a perfectly reasonable concept but this year of course we have had the summer monsoons so I am in danger of developing trench foot and remembering my trench mouth of last year, it’s not an experience I want to repeat. Actually though, I have realised that it’s better to wear sandals in the rain as the water sort of just drains out of the sides and although you’re guaranteed getting wet feet at least they all dry off together instead of your tootsies slopping around in normal shoes which just refuse to dry out. I put this theory to someone yesterday but they thought I was barking.


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