BB and stuff

Rather like last year, BB has failed to capture my attention in any meaningful way. I still have it on most nights I’m in as it fills a nice little scheduling gap, but I don’t actually care about any of them. Nor do I have any idea who will win (probably a boy). In fact the only thing that intrigues me is how the twins will eventually be split up. Obviously I’m not crap enough to think they are “Samanda” (unlike one of our esteemed national newspapers), but they do seem remarkably similar and inoffensive (apart from they do need to come with volume control) so I can’t see how the housemates or public will decide which one should go first.

On a more general note, summer schedule television is crap. Not everyone leaves the country in July and August. There are still licence payers who want to be able to watch something reasonable of an evening.

Back to watching Dallas tomorrow though – v excited! This working malarkey’s all very well but it does have rather a negative impact on my keeping up with the Ewings!


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