The tinterweb and all its glories!

I sometimes wonder what we did before the internet.

I often wonder what we did before mobile phones and – frankly – think that 80% of the time I was happier back then. People made dates and stuck to them, people weren’t late and you didn’t have to be available ALL THE TIME.

Anyway, I have – in the past couple of years – rediscovered some people I thought had disappeared out of my life forever. The first was through Friends Reunited, old university friend tracked me down and we now have a very nice ‘keep in touch by email relationship’ (we did meet as well, that was very odd – although not entirely unpleasant). The most recent was from the same era, in fact these two people used to live together at university…

To cut a long story short I am now back in touch (via the glories of myspace) with my ex-boyfriend. We’ve sent each other a few messages and I have to say it is very odd. At first I was all enthusiastic but I’ve been having some serious second thoughts this weekend. It’s not that I haven’t enjoyed the exchange of messages, it’s just it’s brought up some really painful thoughts and memories (it ended very badly) and now is potentially not the time to be examining all these things.

I know it’s been 13 years so I probably should have “got over it” but I don’t think I ever really processed the information/dealt with it at the time – he buggered off to the States (for a 3 month holiday allegedly – he’s still there!). Hmmm…that makes me sound really bad that people actually leave the country to get away from me!

Having enthusiastically exchanged messages, I think I may just have to back off a little bit whilst I get my head together. After all I’m still working on putting my current relationship back together so I really think trying to process an old relationship and its associated pain is too much of an ask.


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