I hate to say it but I saw Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix last night and I was REALLY disappointed. I’ve liked all the other films so far although have always moaned they’ve been a bit light of character development (quite how we’re going to get to the point where Snape kills Dumbledore in the next film I don’t know as his evil/sinister side has never really come out).

This film though proudly announces it’s the shortest HP film from the longest book and, yes, perhaps the book was overly long but did they completely miss the clue of the title? Ie it would have been good to know who the Order of the Phoenix were, what they did, etc. What are Aurors? Who is Tonks? If you haven’t read the book you were so briefly introduced to these concepts/characters that you would have been completely non-plussed.

Also Sirius’s death was a complete waste. In the book it’s really violent and exciting. In the film it was a total whimper, not to mention the fact that the Adava Kadavra curse was virtually mumbled by Helena Bonham Carter as Bellatrix Lestrange.

In terms of casting there were some triumphs, notably Helena Bonham Carter who was and will be a fantastic Bellatrix – just the right level of glamour and madness (not entirely sure about the accent though). Newcomer, Evanna Lynch as Luna Lovegood is also a great find.

Just really disappointed and – worst luck – I’m going to see it again on Friday! Oh well at least I can get my hands on the final book at the weekend and while away several hours finding out how it all ends.


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