Other stuff

I didn’t want to write about ‘other stuff’ in my announcement of Africa blog (do you get the feeling I’m plugging it?!).

So, to sum up: Champions League – dull (well there’s a fucking surprise); US TV series that I watch – (Desperate Housewives, Lost) – all coming to an end as, apparently are Ugly Betty and 24, what do Americans do in the summer for decent TV?; BB – back soon (OMG – really? Can I convince myself I don’t need to watch it because I’ll be away when it ends?).

Okay, other non-related and pointless subjects:

It’s deliciously warm (although did get a bit sticky this evening). However, apparently rainy and vile this (bank holiday) weekend -quelle surprise!

I got a blister from my sandals yesterday and a sort of unpleasant rubbing effect from my shoes today so my feet are in a horrible state.

I’ve started compiling my definitive list of fave films and TV programmes. Actually a really good conversation starter/reviver/distractor. I hope to have an answer soon although still needs work as a discussion I had last night demonstrated that I had forgotten the film with one of my favourite lines of all time:

“Death by stereo”

How could I have forgotten?

I will endeavour to get this (rather poncily named) ouevre completed. Well – at least – to date.


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