Life update

Most of my blogs have been about football recently. This is largely because it’s the end of the season, but it’s also because going to watch football in pubs has made up a large chunk of my social life in the past couple of weeks.

So thought I would do a general round up of “other stuff that is happening”.

On the work front I think I may have been rather rash as I have decided not to extend my contract at this current job. Considering this started out as a three week job back in January I haven’t done too badly. I’ve even been offered a full time job here but it’s just not stretching me and I have got to the point where I’m really not enjoying it, in fact it was starting to make me miserable and I don’t really need any more miserable-making things in my life at the moment. So I’m back on the PR scrap heap in a couple of weeks – oh joy! Hopefully something will come along soon.

I’ve also been thinking about a bit of a change in direction but it’s just a germ of an idea at the moment and requires some fairly major changes in terms of lifestyle, location, finance, relationships etc…potentially terrifying but potentially very rewarding. I have to try to make some time to think about it but I seem to be lacking time at the moment (imminent unemployment should solve that). It’s not that I’ve been hugely busy doing anything very exciting but I’m going to two or three recovery type meetings a week and I’m trying to have a social life and trying to see people I should see etc etc. I know I’m whingeing but I haven’t actually eaten anything in my own house for 11 days…I’m aiming to correct that tonight with some asparagus from my parents’ garden, the cooker won’t know what’s hit it.

I now have no pregnant friends which is a complete relief (pregnant friends are largely obsessed by icky body things and they’re useless in the “sharing a bottle of wine” department). I’ve yet to meet the two most recent babies (both boys – apparently something to do with high testosterone levels in working women in London) but hope to rectify this quite soon – hurrah an excuse to buy cute small clothes! Actually babies terrify me slightly as they’re extremely floppy, will insist on depositing half-digested milk all over you and have a habit of crying for no apparent reason which makes you feel crap and that you would never make a good parent so it’s probably just as well you’re not (for the word “you” read “me” – yes the recovery’s going very well thank you!).


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