Strange allegiances

It’s the weird time in the football calendar when you start rooting for teams you normally don’t like/couldn’t give a stuff about. On this note: please, please, please can QPR win tomorrow (and if we can beat Southend that would be handy too). I will also use this opportunity to say (as I say every single year with boring repetition), the promotion system is totally screwy. I think (and therefore this is the way it should be) that only the top team should get automatic promotion and then the next four teams should play for two promotion places. Obviously that would complicate things further in this instance because I would want Leicester and Barnsley to win as well. But that’s not the way it is because football is largely run by idiots.

Come on you Saints, let’s at least get to the play offs this year (promotion would be nice too but I’m a Southampton fan so have learnt through bitter experience not to get my hopes up).


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