They’re showing reruns of Dallas (UKTV Gold or some equally embarrassing channel) and I’ve forgotten how rather fabulous it was. I can’t think that I ever watched it in the beginning because my parents were rather strict on the television front (Grange Hill was even banned when I was young) but I definitely watched it round the whole ‘who shot JR?’ saga. Of course it’s totally unbelievable but that’s half the appeal. Although it did really lose all credibility in series 9 – yes the ‘it was all a dream’ revelation. Long dream unless Patrick Duffy was reprising his role in The Man From Atlantis and had spent 30 weeks in the shower. Don’t think I watched it much after that (possibly more to do with actually getting a social life at around the same point).

Revelation this week though was that Jenna Wade was originally played by Morgan Fairchild. To me she was the epitome of the ’80s – all shoulder pads, glamour and hair. She was also in a film, The Initiation of Sarah, which I haven’t seen for years and is probably quite crap but I loved it at the time. It also starred Morgan Brittany – another ’80s superbitch type of actress person who also appeared in Dallas.

Okay, tour of ’80s TV over (and – I’ve just realised – my rather worrying knowledge). It’s one of those guilty pleasures that I know I can only enjoy for a short period of time – well until I get a slightly more taxing job: soon hopefully PLEASE! Rather like Deal or No Deal and best not get me started how completely addictive that is. Takes about two or three episodes to work out what the bobbins is going on and then you are totally sucked into it.

Actually… before I leave the ’80s completely, Tales of the Unexpected is being rerun on one of the ITV channels on Friday nights. As I have very little in the way of a Friday night social life any more (yes, get out those violins), it’s a rather marvellous way to round off an evening.

I’ve put loads of links in as – rather sadly – I realise there are sentient, taxpaying adults out there who probably never watched Dallas or Tales of the Unexpected as they were born in the 1980s (this a terrifying concept).


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