Global warming or a lot of hot air?

Apparently it’s been the warmest April on record. Is it global warming or just a freaky weather moment? I do remember my Mum’s birthday (25th April) in 1981 when it snowed – was that freaky weather or global cooling?

I do agree that we need to stop treating the planet like a dumping ground; we need to stop deforestation; we need to look for alternatives to fossil fuels – this is big picture stuff. But will the world end if we don’t recycle; if we wash our cars; if we only take one flight a year? I do my bit but it is disheartening to think that ‘my bit’ doesn’t really make much difference and even lots of people’s ‘bits’ doesn’t seem to have much impact. On a larger scale: it seems unfair to penalise emerging economies just because the west has already used far too many resources; it also seems unlikely that the west’s love affair with the combustion engine will end…

And just look at the fuss that people are making about having their dustbins emptied on a fortnightly basis even though studies have shown this policy increases recycling.

We like the idea of green until it starts inconveniencing our lives.


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