I am not a plastic bag

I have been the proud owner of one of these little babies for quite a few weeks now (thanks B/L – you are a shopping star). Today they went on sale to the masses so I had to have a slight sigh of sadness that I’m not the only cool kid in school (although with a limited edition of 20000 methinks they are still going to be a rare and sought after commodity).

I was rather amused to read on the BBC that staff at Sainsbury’s had been putting the “I’m Not a Plastic Bag” into – yes you’ve guessed it – a plastic bag. A bit of training might be required.

People are being very sceptical about whether a bag like this really will help to reduce use of vile, landfill clogging plastic bags – apparently we use 8 billion every year. Well I’m sure with only a few thousand of them they won’t on their own but it’s all about raising awareness – it’s called PR doh!

As a footnote: I rather hope that the person that tried to nick my lovely fashion accessory in Wimbledon on Saturday didn’t get her mitts on one today.


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