Curious searches

I am completely perplexed how someone searching for ‘wife swapping’ would happen upon ye olde featherduster but – according to my blog stats – that’s exactly how someone found me. Who are you? What were you looking for? I can only apologise if you thought you were going to find something salacious. Let’s face it ‘wife swapping’ is possibly the least likely thing you’ll find on my blog – well that and ‘being nice to husband stealing bitches’.

Having said that, I’m quite enjoying the current series of Wife Swap – does that help? Channel 4 was getting very predictable in the last few series: chav vs. posh; slovenly vs. OCD cleanliness etc, but this series the ‘differences’ seem more challenging. There does always seem to be one couple or wife though who thinks they have all the answers and being part of the programme doesn’t challenge that belief at all. Predictably, they are often the ones who could do with some attitudinal adjustment.


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