Life on Mars

This has been a fabulous series and I am so pleased the creators didn’t milk its success by dragging it out too long (please take note writers and creators at Lost – we are human beings who feel uncomfortable if we feel there is no chance of resolution to our ongoing confusion).

The storylines were fabulously 70s – from the amusing: wife swapping parties complete with exotic cheese, pineapple and a silverskin onion on a cocktail stick (I remember them well, all washed down with a Party Seven!); to the serious – especially the IRA storyline. Not only entertaining, but also made you realise that although political correctness has gone mad, some of its basic principles and idealogies are very welcome.

I’ve really enjoyed both series but I don’t think I realised quite how much until 10 minutes before the end of last night’s resolution. When you are shouting ‘no’ at the ending you think you’ve been waiting for, you suddenly realise how much you’ve become emotionally involved and how bloody clever the writers are.

Can’t wait until Ashes to Ashes.


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