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My search for a ‘proper job’ continues at a snail’s pace. It is highly frustrating. I was actually offered a job today but it just isn’t something I want which makes me feel like an ungrateful child. The main problem is the salary which is less than I was earning two years ago. In addition, there is little chance to be stretched and I’m likely to get bored out of my brains. The reason I’m even considering is that it would be easy and part of me thinks that’s just what I need right now. I think I know what I’m going to do but I am in a quandary, especially as I don’t seem to be getting any of the jobs I actually want.

Realise I haven’t blogged about the weather for a while. Apparently we’ve been having a Blackthorn Winter which is an exciting countryside concept. This means it’s been really cold then unseasonally warm, then really cold again (apparently something to do with the blackthorn being out early/late or somesuch). I am rather hoping this warm spell will last, although it will be better after next Friday when I am going to the chiropodist and my feet are transformed into sandal friendly beings rather than their currently gnarly state. I know spring has truly sprung though because my hayfever is back in full force – some people pay a fortune for bee stung lips, I get them naturally every spring unless I have copious amounts of antihistamine about my person.

Talking of health issues, my mouth continues to be a pain. Finally got my official diagnosis of Burning Mouth Syndrome last week which is sort of hurrah as at least they have identified it and hopefully can treat it. Obviously I’d rather not have any of my peculiar conditions but I do feel better when they have names and I can look them up on tinterweb.

My Dad’s health issues continue but he’s due for his operation in about a month. He’s going for a fairly new treatment which involves microwaving his bits and pieces. Sounds horribly painful but less painful (and less risky) than surgery or traditional radiotherapy. I am concerned that the treatment’s not really been proven in the UK but he feels comfortable with it and so we have to keep everything crossed (apart from his legs of course!).

This is a rather random post but there we go…my life is rather random at the moment. Things are improving though, mainly because I’ve decided I really have to take some control of my life rather than leave it to the whims and fancies of someone who – try as they might – really isn’t up for helping me at th e moment. It’s been a scary time and I don’t expect everything to suddenly be rosy and bright (split infinitives – my old English teachers will be turning in her grave – sorry Miss Brumfett and Miss Fraser!). I just have a very real desire not to try the patience of my long-suffering family and friends any longer, nor do I want to spend any more time in hospital, drs’ surgeries etc as a result of my rather extreme self-negligence.


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