The joys of the job interview

I don’t get nervous about job interviews any more, for heaven’s sake I’ve been to loads but today I encountered new areas of job interview weirdness. The first was at an interview where I realised pretty quickly that I didn’t have the skill set for the job and – more importantly – I wasn’t particularly interested in acquiring said skill set. So dutifully I reported back to the recruitment consultant and head off what I thought would be the inevitable rejection. A few hours later I got the call that they loved me and thought I’d be really good at the job – go figure.

So on to the second interview which had to be the oddest ever. No chatting about my experience, career to date la la la. No, instead I was treated to a list of very peculiar questions. Well they were okay questions and required me to be quick thinking, demonstrate knowledge and show examples etc BUT it completely ruined any flow. It was like boxed ticked, move on. V odd. The problem is I’d really quite like this job. I have no idea how I did because it was so odd. Oh well I’ll just have to demonstrate patience (not my strong point) until I (hopefully) get some feedback.


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