Fabulous fashion?

New found shape and size = increased interest in clothes. This is largely down to necessity as previous clothing a) makes me look like I’m wearing my mum’s clothes a la dressing up when I was 4 and b) falls down, off etc leaving me in danger of becoming a modern day Jane. NOT A GOOD LOOK.

So yesterday, inspired by good weather and my favourite shopping partner, I hit the High Street. Now lack of decent job means very little cash so I steered well away from my favourite shops and sampled the delights of the discount retailer. I did marvellously well. I bought two pairs of jeans (okay they were in the sale), two tops, a pair of shorts, a pair of loungey around trousers, eight pairs of pants and a bra and all for the princely sum of £62.

This is marvellous. Or is it? Suddenly I felt rather wracked with guilt as the sneaking question reared its ugly head: how can these clothes be made so cheaply? I have a feeling I have damaged the environment, supported unethical retailing and fuelled the fires of sweatshops the world over. Why is shopping so complicated?


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