Having a bad day

I know everyone is probably sick to death of hearing about Beloved/Loathed and his never ending reign of cruelty. Suffice to say he is currently making me endure something so hideous I’m not entirely sure how I’m getting up in the morning, getting to work, sitting at my desk (obviously not doing much work as evidenced by inordinate amount of blogging), getting home etc. Vast quantities of vodka and very long, very hot baths are helping.

The thing is I don’t think he has a clue about what he’s doing. I’m trying not to believe he is fundamentally¬†a bad person even though all evidence suggests he might be, so if he’s not then why can’t he show me something resembling human consideration and compassion? If he does know what he’s doing then what sort of monster has he turned into?

Excuse me whilst I crawl back in my hole of despair (only 2 and a bit hours before I can crack open the Smirnoff).


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