Equal opportunity racism

An excerpt from an interesting article by Todd Defren

Here’s what I noticed: these well-off kids, all of whom appear to be raised by conscientious, highly educated, liberal-minded parents, are not blind to race (as they were raised); rather, they make a BIG deal of it; they completely wrap their arms around racial stereotypes to the point where they are rendered ridiculously ineffective.  Not only that, they drill down beyond the “macro” identities (say, “latino”) and get specific (not “latino” but “Chilean”).

Full article here

Sadly I suspect that whilst “well-off kids” may be at ease with the concept of multi-culturism and celebration of differences, that less “well-off” or rather well-educated/well brought up (insert your Daily Mail phrase of the week) kids/adults will remain threatened by the concept of difference. We can educate and preach all we like but it seems that tolerance does not come naturally to human beings and the sad fact is that the luxury of acceptance remains the preserve of middle class liberals.


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