TV tastic

I am in danger of becoming a couch potato because there is just rather a lot of good television on at the moment.

Rather excitingly I have learned how to use the video so I can have a life away from the sofa. I know the line “I have learned to use the video” might be a bit shocking and give people to believe I have Luddite tendencies but there is a very good reason I never really bothered with learning about it before. I was the victim of male remote control abuse.

Okay, potentially being a touch over-dramatic there, but I have never enjoyed unfettered access to remote controls before and the power is quite dizzying.

Apparently I should do away with the video altogether and Sky Plus everything but that would require donating even more money to Mr Murdoch. I’ve recently scaled back my commitment to him and intend to keep my monthly contribution to his quest for world domination to a minimum. Ideally of course that would be 0p but I do need Lost!

So back to the good TV…

Sunday: 24 and Lost. I am actually crap at watching 24 but I like to know it’s there “just in case” and I love Chloe.

Monday: TV desert so time to watch Lost which I video (mainly so I can concentrate and also because I am a saddo and a sap and record it for Beloved/Loathed)

Tuesday: Life on Mars. Fab programme and I’m really looking forward to seeing how it ends. I know that sounds mad but it takes a brave programme maker not to drag out a winning formula so I hope they do the ending justice.

Wednesday: Relocation Relocation and Desperate Housewives. Kirsty Allsop, I have such a girlie crush on her!

Thursday: Mostly we return to desert territory although I am really trying to like Skins. It started off so well but hasn’t really lived up to the first episode. I know I am entirely the wrong demographic so may be that is hampering my ability to get into it fully.

Friday, Saturday: Okay I’ve realised that my statement “rather a lot of good television on at the moment” might have been overstating the point somewhat and there are still huge chasms of TV crapness (which is why UK Style was invented) but there does seem to be more good stuff on than usual.


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