Lost the plot

Has Lost lost it?

Settled down last night to catch up with Lost and the writers did one of those REALLY ANNOYING THINGS they do far too often ie jump from one story line which you’ve got really into and is all a bit “will they/won’t they make it?” to a completely different story line.

It’s just frustrating.

That’s not to say this week’s episode wasn’t good, Desmond is always a bit of a mystery and it’s nice to see Jim Robinson pop up again (Alan Dale’s having a bit of a rennaissance) but couldn’t we have had some clue as to how Kate and Sawyer were getting on in their boat and what had become of Jack – presumably Ben’s going to be none too thrilled that he almost killed him twice?

I do enjoy Lost but every week seems to ask more questions, there are rarely any answers and it gets exhausting.



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2 responses to “Lost the plot

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  2. I love LOST, but it is really confusing sometimes…most of the time…all the time! Even now it’s finished I still have unanswered questions, but maybe that’s a good thing. It means I’m still thinking about it, and I can form my own interpretations.

    About the jumping around in storylines…I think they do that to keep you hooked. They build suspense by delaying answers about who’s going to live and die, what the smoke monster is etc.

    Desmond is a mystery, but like John Locke, he was named after a philosopher (Hume). Hume had a fair bit to say about reality, and since Desmond’s always jumping around into different times, the name seems fitting.
    What did you think about how the series ended?

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