Hugging is good for you (yes I know this is old news) but hurrah! Can I also point out that puppy cuddling is extremely good for you as I discovered this weekend when I went to visit the puppies born to my parents’ next door neighbour’s dog (are you following the link?) on Boxing Day. They are about to go off to new homes next week so I jumped at the opportunity to get some serious puppy playing, stroking and general cuddly-ness in. Of course I instantly fell in love and wanted to dog nap at least one of them but then I remembered that I live in London, work ridiculous hours and like holidays and so it’s really not an option (and if you think it is read How Could You by Jim Willis).

Oh well, I’ll have to find alternative stress reducing techniques because I am apparently off the scale and about to keel over any minute! Yes I know, they’re probably trying to sell me something. People keep trying to ‘sell’ me acupuncture at the moment. No, I don’t mean there are hoardes of alternative therapists doing door to door in deepest south west London! I mean that a lot of my friends keep trying to persuade me that it would help me feel more together. I just really hate needles and no matter how much people try to tell me it doesn’t hurt, it’s actually very relaxing etc, I cannot willingly allow someone to put a bit of metal in me without some very real medical need.

So perhaps I’ll just have to develop cuddling opportunities with random strangers!


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