The beautiful game

Treat last night as I went to the Portugal Brazil match at the Emirates. Rather fantastically Portugal won 2-0 – hurrah! I still love my adopted nation even though my reason for adopting it might be a little less loved at the moment. It was a hell of a lot more exciting than the current crapiscule England performance I am being treated to on BBC1.

It rather galls me to say this but the Emirates is a beautiful stadium, well except for the team that play there! Obviously Arsenal nabbed all the good builders in north London which is why its stadium is quite good and the other rather large stadium construction in that part of the world is so behind schedule, over-budget etc. It really does strike fear in my heart (not to mention my council tax bill) when you look at the Wembley debacle and consider the Olympics. At this point I do feel it only fair to say that I never* wanted the Olympics in London as I suspected it would be a financial disaster area. Although I will admit that there was a 10 minute spell on 6th July 2005 when I really, really wanted us to get it. Why? Well I quite like annoying the French!

(*see wimpy opt out mentioned later)


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