Hmmm…well I’ve been crap haven’t I?

I know I haven’t blogged for ages but – between nervous breakdowns, continued unemployment and half-hearted attempts to take far more pills than were useful – I haven’t exactly been in the mood to share my life with the world.

That’s not to say I haven’t been keeping a beady eye on events and I’m delighted that my blogging pal Suw has got engaged. Okay old news to the blogosphere but I am rather behind the times. This news has got me quite fascinated by Twitter. I’ve yet to take part in this fascinating web wotsit yet but I think I might give it a whirl.

So I intend to return to blogging because I have missed it. I hope to have jollyness to report rather than the rather depressing downturn at the end of last year. However, feel it is important to give a quick (if rather depressing) synopsis of events since last blog.

Babies – should be source of great joy. Unfortunately my very good friends have become so offended by my husband’s hideous antics that they haven’t bothered to tell either of us that they have a new baby. Thanks for the support and keeping in touch guys. Similarly my money-grabbing cousin has had a baby but has failed to tell me. I am trying not to be upset about this but she was – until she decided to try and bleed my parents dry over my grandparents’ will – one of my best friends.

On the good news baby front, my god daughter has a sister. Emily was born last Sunday at 6.20am. Interestingly she was born in the back of a car! This is due in no small part to her father’s inability to get out of bed. Sarah, her mum, is an absolute star and I take every hat I’ve ever owned off to her.

Cancer – never a good subject and one you hope will never be visited upon you but, given that one in three people in this country have cancer at some point, I suppose it’s inevitable. So cancer and me? Well my aunt died today of ovarian cancer which is completely unfair as she was only 56 and just the most delightful, happy, upbeat and lovely person. My dad also has cancer. Prostate cancer and hopefully highly treatable but he seems to be going for the most experimental treatments available. I do understand why because the potential side effects of regular NHS treatments are vile (at 63, fit, active and doing a very challenging job would you want to be incontinent?), but I wish there was something in between conventional surgey/radiotherapy and sitting round considering a pile of mung beans.

So we’ve covered hatches and dispatches, what about the matches? Well Beloved and I are still working on it. He’s mostly beloved because I cannot help but adore him (yes I know it’s foolish) but the loathed side remains. We have started going to counselling which I hope will help but it’s very early days and there is so much shit to clear up that I really don’t know if we will come through it.

In anticipation of having to be on my own (which is frankly terrifying), I have started to get out and about a bit more. I’ve joined a really good book club. It’s a little high brow at the moment but I’m hoping to dumb it down in a suitable fashion when it’s my turn to choose a book. I went on a skiing holiday which was excellent. I’ve realised I can ski and I love doing it.  More snow would be useful next time. I also need to thank a variety of friends for excellent eating and drinking opportunities.

I was rather hoping 2007 would be a vast improvement on 2006, to date not so but it really has to get better soon and I look forward to sharing good news soon.



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6 responses to “Hmmm…well I’ve been crap haven’t I?

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  3. ana

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    i’ll be back for sure…

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