It is good to see Simon Cowell squirm but Ray – LOSE THE SWING. Bloody hell. Talk about flogging a dead horse.

I’ve been watching far too much television lately, by product of being unemployed (and, it would incresingly appear, unemployable). Most of it is the usual load of bollocks but I am delighted This Life is back. Rather depressingly though, the first time I watched it I was one of those sexy 20-somethings: going out, having fun, being hopeful and ambitious. This is depressing because that was 10 years ago (where did all that time go?).

Also today I found out the last of my friends has succumbed to the baby bug. I haven’t had any single friends for 100 years and now all my friends have babies (well this friend isn’t due until May but let’s face it she’s in the Maclaren stroller mind set). Some of them even have two. How did this happen? How did I miss out on this?


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