How can sitting in a chair for 6 hours be so tiring? I have to say though the Scrabble contest is reaching new heights of excitement.

Hospitals are obviously designed to be totally draining. May be if they made them nicer then patients would get better quicker. Surely that’s what they want?

Anyway, the Beloved has to have a bronchoscopy on Friday when they might figure out what’s wrong with him (or at least what’s causing the pneumonia and collapsed lung). I can’t believe that he will have been in there for 2 weeks. And his blood pressure is still crap and he’s still on oxygen, plus his temperature has now dropped quite significantly. I know it’s all serious stuff and I am so worried about him but I have to be positive (otherwise you will drive yourself insane), unlike his mother who is definitely a glass half empty person and I know she’s convinced he’s got something horrifically serious. I suspect she thinks the worst but they’ve done all his blood counts and stuff so it can’t be that horrible big disease.

I hope.


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