The joy of the size 10

I am not a naturally thin person. In fact since having a fair chunk of my digestive system removed 10 years ago, I’ve always been well – how can I put this – curvaceous. Anyway, recent events have meant rather dramatic weight loss. As my cousin put it, I look like I’ve been put through a hot wash! So, every cloud has a silver lining and this is no more apparent than when it comes to buying clothes. I went to a party last night and really, honestly had nothing to wear. All my clothes are way too big for me and really are falling off. Ah but clothes shopping, normally an activity filled with dread and loathing.

So off to buy new outfit yesterday. Observations:

  1. It’s much more fun to buy clothes when you feel you actually might fit into them (although being a short arse with size ginormous boobs still has its challenges).
  2. I still like black, I’ve always thought it was because it was “slimming” but it turns out my goth roots have never truly been forgotten.
  3. The same size in different brands is not the same size. For example, yesterday I happily fitted into a size 8 in Warehouse and struggled to do up the zip in a size 12 Jane Norman. So top tip, don’t shop at Jane Norman!

Anway, finally obtained required outfit and the results were surprisingly pleasing. Another interesting observation, although it’s very nice when men pay you compliments, for some reason women paying you compliments is really good, especially when you don’t know them. So I was feeling about 10 foot tall (as opposed to the 5 foot half an inch reality) when I took my jacket off and the girl in the cloakroom complimented my top and then the toilet attendant said my skirt was great.

Okay all rather ridiculous and shallow but a girl’s got to get her kicks somewhere!


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