Boots out

Well the sad time has come to pack away the sandals (although I will be sneaking them out if I can) and dust off the boots. Yes, today I had to find a pair of SOCKS and put the boots on or risk getting trench foot (although it might be a nice counterpoint to my ‘trench mouth’ which is still rumbling on).

Luckily I had a weekend of domestic bliss which involved throwing away lots of clothes which have had it and socks without partners so I was quite well prepared. No, I didn’t throw them away, I took them to be shredded, recycled and turned into whatever orphan socks get turned into.

The pear tree which I have lovingly tended through drought and disaster this summer is having a bumper crop – it’s really quite exciting. Had to do a bit of remedial surgery earlier in the week because the fruit had got too heavy and snapped off a branch but we’ve now rigged up some sort of rope like support so hopefully all will be well.

Such domestic bliss, I must get out more!


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