Slovenly ways

I am not someone who could normally be accused of sloveliness, okay by Friday evening there are normally a few watermarks on the basin and a strange gathering of purple London dust has normally congregated in the corner of the hallway behind the plant but apart from that I am a clean and tidy person.

So why does my house look like a teenager with poor personal hygiene has moved in? It’s quite depressing and I only have myself to blame. Bank holiday weekend I went away (became a godmother – all very grown up and exciting but has obviously gone to my head and I am now rejecting responsibility), then I got food poisoning (I suspect the parents of my goddaughter are trying to bump me off), then I went to New York so not a duster has been wielded, nor a drop of bleach used.

I should set to it, go home tonight and crack open the Harpic. Actually though I’m going out for dinner tonight…and tomorrow…so hopefully after a few glasses of wine and without the reality of daylight, I won’t notice.


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