Back from the Big Apple

I love New York. It’s so much fun.

My Mum really enjoyed it too and was very impressed that everywhere was so clean (believe me she makes my obsession with bleach look like a passing whim) and that the people were so friendly. New Yorkers used to have a reputation for being very rude but believe me compared to Londoners, they are the most genial and polite bunch.

Highlights of the trip included:

  1. Buying a very expensive and exquisitely beautiful pair of Manolo Blahnik boots
  2. Having a delicious meal at Chanterelle
  3. Getting into an unfeasibly small pair of jeans which only cost $44 (okay they’re a bit long – but the teeny tiny size of them means that frankly I don’t care and wish I could wear the label on the outside!!)

Lowlights included:

  1. Ridiculous, stupid queues at the Empire State Building followed by jostling to look at the skyline thanks to an over-abundance of stupid people
  2. Getting rather wet thanks to Tropical Storm Ernesto (made worse by lack of appropriate footwear)
  3. Not being able to buy a truly gorgeous pair of shoes because my feet are ridiculously small (I must remember my boots though – they are a thing of great beauty)

All in all a very successful trip and it lifted my mood so that – on occasions – I felt quite normal.



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