Brits Abroad Part Two

I don’t want to be overly critical but another rant about the Great British abroad is their reluctance to try any thing new from the menu. Gross over-generalisation I know but why – when I ordered grilled squid – did the waiter take pains to point out that it wasn’t calamari (you know those nice breadcrumbed elastic bands) and did I want chips with it?

Half the fun of going on holiday is trying out new food and I was sorely disappointed at the marina where I stayed that eight out of 10 restaurants were pizza/pasta places, one was a Chinese and one actually looked rather luscious (but obviously a no go for singletons – pah!). It would have been vaguely acceptable if I’d been in Italy but I was in Spain! Oh and strange pizza and pasta places that do a full English of a morning – class.

Also, what do we drink with our meals? Do we sample the local wine? Of course not! Pints all round – usually beer but I also saw an inordinate number of people drinking pints of coke!

I have many theories on why we are so crap at eating proper food in this country but the menus when I was on holiday gave a clue. The Children’s Menu. Abandon all hope of nutritional eating when faced with the children’s menu which will invariably include: cheese and tomato pizza (the best option), chicken nuggets, sausage and chips or a burger. And parents will order this crap night after night. Why not choose something a bit more interesting from the main menu and ask for a small portion, or order a starter or order something that can be shared as a family? But bearing in mind the adults are mostly eating spagetti bolognese or ham and pineapple pizza, I suppose I am being overly hopeful.

As an aside, the most interesting pizza topping I saw: cheese, tomato, pineapple, banana and apple. That’s not a pizza, that’s a fruit salad and wrong in so many ways.


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