At last it’s over

It’s always very exciting when I can blog at the weekend. I only have dial up at home so really can never be bothered with the excruciatingly slowness of tinterweb. However, my parents are of course light years ahead of me technologically (well they have broadband) so here I am in the deepest darkest countryside doing my blogging. I really must get broadband but with the domestic situation, the Beloved is reluctant to commit to contracts (let’s face it, he’s reluctant to commit to anything).

Anyway, so big surprise young Pete won Big B. I suppose in the absence of any particular interest in any of the contestants, he was as good a winner as anyone else. Oh I’m probably being too harsh. He was sweet and great entertainment value.

Big Brother has really got to sort itself out for next year. My top tip, stop bringing in new people ALL THE TIME. It’s about voting people out and you just get exhausted when there are new people coming in every bloody week. It will be interesting to see the legal wranglings about Nikki going back into the house. I understand why people feel cheated by I expect it will fizzle out, I mean is it worth it for 50p or however much a phone call costs?

So the next reality TV-athon is X Factor which I always swear I’m not going to watch and then end up hooked. The thing is the opening few shows where you get the loons singing out of tune and being totally hysterical when they’re told ‘no way’, are just so entertaining and you think, ‘I’ll just watch the auditions, that’ll be fine, I won’t get sucked in’. Next thing you know it’s Christmas and you’re considering parting with hard-earned cash to ensure your favourite wins. Bloody ridiculous, I am such a sucker.


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