The blogosphere – it’s so cool

I’ve been discovering lots of lovely new blogs recently. Okay, you have to understand these are not new blogs, they are wonderfully well-established and being read regularly by other members of the blogosphere, but I’ve only recently started looking at some of them (I’m even tempted to comment but haven’t quite got to that stage of braveness yet).

Anyway, I want to add them to my Blogroll but, for some reason, I can’t get the Blogroll to show up on this template and IT’S REALLY ANNOYING ME! I have found a template that shows the Blogroll but then I lose the calendar and other useful things.

When I have found a way of doing it, I will tell you why I like Petite Anglaise, Chocolate and Vodka, Random Acts of Reality etc – but you probably know why I like them already…because you’ve been reading them for ages.



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2 responses to “The blogosphere – it’s so cool

  1. Thanks for the linkback to Unreality TV, by the way – very much appreciated! Looking forward to the end of Big Brother this year?

  2. Looking forward to it ending – it’s gone on way too long and got way too confusing – just how many times can they bring in new people? I think they have messed around with the format just a bit too much this year. And for the first time, I don’t actually care who wins (as long as it’s not Aisleyne!).

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