Back to reality

What is it about me and song titles?

Well did the holiday thing and I think I can safely say I never want to holiday alone again.

Good points: doing your own thing; not having to put up with anyone else’s travelling foibles; not having anyone moan at you about your travelling foibles.

Bad points: excruciating loneliness; not speaking to anyone who was not in a service industry and therefore being paid to speak to me; social leprosy connected to being a single female on holiday.

I did get some rest and relaxation. Had very nice spa treatments. Read lots of books. I was also proud of myself that I didn’t hide in my room. I went out every night and had dinner (thank heavens for the Sunday Times and its plethora of magazines – handy dining companions). Also had a lot of time to make endless observations about the foibles of the British abroad – they are a horror! But that’s possibly the subject of another blog.


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