The Final Countdown

I love that song – it reminds me of school discos! But that’s an aside.

Yes, it’s the final countdown to my terrifying holiday ON MY OWN. I have very mixed emotions about it really. I am very nervous about going away on my own – mainly it’s the eating meals alone and feeling like a total Billy No Mates. I am also upset and angry that I’ve been put in the position where I have to go away on my own and every time I think of the holiday, I think of the circumstances that brought me to this point and just want to cry, scream and shout at the world for being so unfair. But, I do need this break. Apart from my gums giving up, my kidneys have become a nusiance, my head is constantly pounding and a proper night’s sleep is a far off concept that I vaguely remember from 2005.

I hope I will be able to rest – although that’s pinning an awful lot on to 5 days. Luckily I’ve already booked some treatments so being pampered should help.

The down turn in the weather is also cheering me. You know what it’s like, you always want your holiday to have better weather than at home. I’m also hoping the drizzle keeps up next week so that my pear tree doesn’t frazzle.

So it’s time for some Sangria and a concerted effort to be a chirpy jolly soul that people might want to have a drink with of an evening, if not, I’ll be tuning into BBC World News rather too often and honing my Sudoku skills. I’ll let you know how it went when I get back.



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2 responses to “The Final Countdown

  1. I like your blog!

    I think you need this holiday……’ll be fine.

    Just kick back and take it easy.


  2. You have more confidence in me than I do! And since when do I ever kick back! May be it’s part of my learning curve to be a human being NOT a human doing!

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