Sobriety is dull

I am not, by nature, an abstemious person. I drink fat Coke, will never turn down a drink and will always order chips if they’re on the menu.

However, at the moment, I’m on the wagon due to some very nasty antibiotics to clear up my very nasty gum infection. Very naughtily I normally ignore all advice about not mixing drugs and alcohol but recent salutary advice from the Chocolate and Vodka website tells me this would be very stupid when taking metronizadole. This just goes to prove that people don’t listen to men in white coats but are much more willing to take advice from a bunch of people they don’t know but who sound as if they’re the sort of people you’d listen to!

Two more days on the wagon and then I fully intend to celebrate quite hard before going back to the dentist and having icky repairs done to the damage this infection has left in my mouth.


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