Menace to society

Apparently the latest rise in crime figures is down to us. This is because we will carry life-enhancing gadgets like ipods and mobiles.
Excuse me. The latest rise in crime figures is down to scum bags wanting to steal mobiles and ipods for whatever reason. If you pursue the theory that it’s our fault for putting temptation in the way of criminals then you’re going down the same route as saying girls in short skirts are asking to be raped.
I do not have a solution to social ills and there are myriad reasons why people steal – some of which we as a society should be addressing. But for the police, government and media (an unholy trinity if ever there was one) to blame us for wanting to carry our portable, life-enhancing gadgets is a total cop out and yet another step on the slippery slope of nanny-statedom. What will they propose? Limiting each of us to carrying no more than £50 worth of ‘stuff’ – well that’ll be half an empty handbag then.
I have apparently turned into Angry of SW12…the joy!


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