A tad warm

Why do the papers keep obsessing about how hot it is? It is the summer after all. And the comparisons to the Canaries and Greece are totally irrelevant because:

  1. If I was in those countries I’d be on holiday and the most strenuous thing I’d be doing is ordering a pretty cocktail at the pool or may be turning the page of a book.
  2. Those countries are used to ‘weather’ and are therefore geared up so that their transport infrastructure doesn’t collapse, people rest during the hottest hours and they don’t run around like headless chickens trying to get lots done.

I don’t understand our country’s inability to cope with ‘weather’, after all it’s been happening since before us humans were around. So the slightest deviation from grey, non-descript, mid-temperature weather conditions means that England grinds to a halt. And it is a mainly English phenomenon.

A couple of years ago, I was going to Glasgow to visit a friend and it was all really touch and go whether the plane could take off so I called my friend as the weather in Scotland had been much worse and I didn’t fancy spending my weekend stuck in snowdrifts and she laughed at me. It would appear Scotland has got snow down to a fine art. Considering we have some snow virtually every year, so should we. We should also be able to run trains without rails expanding; tubes without inhumane heat and humidity; and offices without the need for people to wear shirts, ties, jackets, tights, high heels or whatever else pathetic dress code companies dream up.

Rant over…


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