Not one but two

Holiday’s that is. Yes, I bit the bullet and I’m going on holiday – hurrah!

For the first one I am venturing out on my own. Terrified I tell you. But I am under dr’s orders to remove the stress from my life. She did say she’d like to sign me off work but that’s not really an option, I asked if I could be signed off my home life, turns out that’s not really an option either!

Second holiday is a jaunt to the Big Apple with my Mum. She is like a small child with a new toy and the first thing she did was rush out and buy a guide book. I can see myself being dragged to all sorts of unlikely places and having to avoid certain areas for fear of terrifying her. It’s not New York is scary – certainly no scarier than London – but my Mum is from the deepest darkest countryside where racial mix is often mistaken for a more exotic version of an Indian snack product and the closest thing to high rise is the church steeple!

The prospect of four days alone with my Mum is also quite terrifying. Don’t get me wrong, she’s lovely, just a bit OTT sometimes. For example last weekend. Now admittedly I haven’t seen her for about a fortnight but I do have my own life and I did leave home 18 years ago, but last weekend the pressure was on. ‘Please come down to see us’, ‘can we come up to see you?’, ‘can we take you out for lunch?’. I just wanted some space for myself so then she brought in the big guns, commonly known as my Dad. I have to point out that I’m not a daddy’s girl by any stretch of the imagination but my Mum uses him tactically to make me feel really guilty. The upshot? I gave in and spent an hour and a half in one of those special south west London traffic jams before reaching some distant part of Surrey (technically half way except for the gridlock) where lunch was had and parents were satisfied – ah but for how long?


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