Not a very successful exercise

Okay, I admit I got two wrong. One (Germany getting through) quite pleased about. As for the French, well all I can say is come on Portugal! As for the England Portugal match, it was a truly poor game. Portugal failed to capitalise on England’s 10 man status and showed absolutely no flair and commitment apart from Ricardo who is an amazing player.

I have to confess that by the time it went to penalties I wanted Portugal to win because one more minute of watching England play with the collective flair of a two day old cheese sandwich would have driven me insane. I did want Ronaldo to miss though, he’s a smug little git and has that really unattractive quality of knowing he’s very good at something and showing off at every available opportunity – miracle that he didn’t do a step over when taking the penalty.

Why England can’t get past the quarter finals is a bit of a mystery as – on paper – we have talent in abundance. May be it is Sven’s fault. Perhaps if he did focus on the field of play instead of playing the field then we might have a more cohesive team that could play together. But all of that is passed and perhaps a less cerebral and more guts and glory manager will help the team achieve their potential (having said cerebral management hasn’t exactly harmed Mr Wenger’s career has it?).

I am extraordinarily pissed off that Sven will continue to be paid. It’s just a farce. He needs the money pourquoi? His contribution to the management of the team will be?

Anyway, I refuse to be drawn on who will win tonight (I suspect I want Germany to go through but can’t exactly put my finger on why). Tomorrow I will be on the South Lambeth Road, downing a Super Bock and enjoying a bifhana and telling people proudly that meu marido e portuguese. Hopefully at around 10pm, I will be being squashed by happy, smiling mustacheoed men.


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