Neck on the line

I used to be in a predictions league but I’m always nervous about committing to actual results so I’m not about to change the habit of a lifetime. However, I am prepared to give the winners a go…

I want the Germans to win this afternoon. The reasons:

  1. It’s always good to have the host nation go as far as possible
  2. England or Portugal probably have more chance of beating them than the Argentinians
  3. Maradona bouncing around like a stripey beach ball is not attractive TV

However, I think they’ll probably lose.

Italy vs. Ukraine – the Italians. I mean Ukraine are a bit shit and although the Italians completely fluked the Australia result, I think they’ll have got their act together for tonight.

Brazil vs. France. Who could want the French to win? Okay Thierry Henry does have va va voom (and no I don’t watch football for the attractive men content – with one notable exception). The ’98 final needs to be avenged and Brazil had better go for it (plus it’s a great excuse to celebrate with a caipirihina).

So there’s my predictions…

What do you mean I’ve missed one?

Oh okay.

I cannot commit my prediction to my blog. Someone somewhere will be hurt. My family will be divided. Either the lovely Mr Figo (clue: the one footballer I fancy) will cry or Peter Crouch’s robot dance will be seen no more. I will sit at home with both flags trying not to will either team on too much. On the up side, at least I can celebrate no matter what the result. On the down side, one side of my family will no longer be speaking to me. Oh it was all so much easier when I refused to support England on the basis that I cannot stand Alan Shearer (we would have beaten the Argentinians if hadn’t have fouled in the goal mouth and Sol Campbell’s goal was disallowed).

051003_mare_louis_figo.jpg Louis Figo – the fittest man in football


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