The Blogosphere Revealed

I haven’t been blogging much recently which is largely due to some icky personal circumstances which are far to dull to talk about, but every time I go to blog I feel overwhelmed by the yukkiness of the situation and get word paralysis.

However, I do feel like I’m really quite getting into this blogging malarkey and even attended a meeting in Paris on Monday about online communities and the blogosphere. All quite enlightening. The meeting was hosted by Guillaume Du Gardier and Steve Rubel was one of the key speakers. There is a whole world of untapped information out there and obviously it would be good to get into it so I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time on Technorati in the past couple of days. Love the charts!

The one thing the meeting did reveal was the cultural differences about blogging. Those folks (to coin a Bush-ism) over the pond are totally blogtastic. Now I doubt that everyone from Iowa to Alaska is blogging but a heck of a lot of people are (okay these are all obvious things to expert bloggers but – until recently – I was sitting in my own comfy little world thinking blogging was for geeks – no offence). In Europe though we’re a little slower to catch on and whilst the Germans may be addicted to youtube, they’re not necessarily contributing. (As an aside, the thing I learnt most through the whole day was that German people and UK are much more similar than we think.)

Pelle Sjoqvist shared a great case study about the Swedish curling team and their rock video. Hysterical stuff and some really clever marketing that took off like wildfire.

So the upshot is, I’m increasingly excited about the blogosphere and am likely to spend much more time in it than is healthy.



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3 responses to “The Blogosphere Revealed

  1. Oh my god, took a long time checking the posts trying to find out whose blog this is. Now I know. Hey! Great stuff! Go and claim it! Got lots of interesting stories to tell!
    And yes, the meeting was just fantastic. Blog on!

  2. My blogging secret is out! I think I’m going to try some more links.

  3. :-))
    Btw: in your “Ah the old enemy again”-post you just link to the blog itself. I’d use the permalink to the “Por-tu-gal” article, so that people would find that one directly…

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