How long do we have to wait

Well they kept us waiting didn't they? 80 odd long goal-less and largely lacklustre minutes and then hurrah! my favourite (and ex Southampton so I'm claiming him remember?) scores. Quite disappointed we didn't have the Crouch robot dance but it was a GOAL!!! I would like all those horrid people who were calling him "freak" at stadia around the country at the beginning of the season to feel jolly ashamed as he will surely be awarded national hero status and given some gong shortly.

Tried to watch the game with my Dad (as I'm down in ye olde countryside this weekend) but that lasted about 5 minutes because he just shouts at the telly too much. I'm all for a bit of shouting but my Dad just focuses on all the bad bits and I'm more of a glass half full type of girl (well I try to be). So then went into the kitchen with my Mum (yes, I obviously come from a house of sterotypes) and turned on the little portable. The only thing I hadn't quite realised was that the portable is terrestrial and the telly in the lounge is digital so of course I was jumping about like a loon at the two goals (and groaning hideously at the T&T goal that wasn't) so my poor Dad's game got slightly spoilt. Ah well, them's the breaks. The lesson is not to be such a moaning minnie and watch the football like a jolly human being.

Oh and by the way, I've completely given up on Big B. They are too annoying.


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