Where did the sun go?

We really can’t be pleased can we? Just a couple of weeks ago we were moaning it was too cold and then it was too hot and now the sun’s just disappeared.

On Monday I experienced (again) one of my least favourite things about London. You get up, have a shower, dry your hair, do the make up and attempt to look vaguely presentable (client meeting so made slightly more effort than usual). Got on the tube and within 30 seconds looked like I’d been dragged through a hedge – a very wet hedge – backwards. It was so steamy and disgusting. Ah well. Later I got absolutely drenched in Leeds so the look was virtually perfect, well for inspiring pity.

Talking of weather, it did rather mar my world cup viewing over the weekend. For a start I felt guilty about being in my living room with the curtains closed when it was quite clearly the only chance of summer we’re going to have this year (I could hear my mum saying “now why don’t you go outside and play?” all over again). Secondly the sunshine in Germany (or rather the shadows it created) rather spoilt the view of the England match and you spent most of the time squinting slightly sideways wondering who on earth had got the ball. Mind you it was a rather lacklustre performance and I’m not convinced we’re going to go very far if that was an indication of the best we can muster. Similarly Portugal’s performance was dismal. Required result but not really convincing on the football skills front (Figo is just so nice to look at though, even with the stupid, girly headband).

Extremely pissed off I’m missing the Trinidad match tomorrow. I will be in Luton in a meeting until 5.30 – I mean what muppet organised that? What’s worse not only will I be in a meeting, I then have to get round the M25 onto the M3 and drive down to the family homestead so I will see precisely none of the match, plus my car radio’s broken so I can’t even listen to it. Pah! The plan is to take a portable radio and put it on the passenger seat but I have a feeling that’s probably breaking several rules of the Highway Code.


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