Well I'm back from my little trip and jolly good fun it was too although holidaying en famille at my age is possibly not quite as much fun as when buckets and spades were order of the day. We worked out that it's 17 years since our last family holiday and I think it should probably be 17 years till the next one! Not that I don't love my mum, dad and sister but I am a fully grown adult and – as far as I'm concerned – fully grown adults should not go on holiday together unless they are romantically attached.

So what did we do in Barcelona? Ate a lot of anchovies, tomato bread and ham (actually ate a lot full stop – the belt'll be going out another notch). Walked a lot (which should offset some of the large quantities of tapas and cava).

I did indeed go clubbing – crikey. It was actually quite good fun and Spanish clubs seem to have mastered the art of air-conditioning so you don't get ridiculously sweaty and look highly unattractive within the first 15 minutes. And obviously I didn't look too hot and sweaty because some random Spanish chap decided I was the love of his life. I was rather keen not to pursue this as I don't think the beloved would have been terribly impressed. Quite good fun getting chatted up when you're an old married woman – well it's good to know someone still might think you're worth a look! Anyway, all very exciting and didn't get back to my bed till 5am!!

This is where the family expectation sort of got in the way of "how to have most fun when you are on holiday" as parents decided they wanted to go to Sagrada Familia. I too wanted to go and have a looksy but not the day after I'd been clubbing for the first time in recent memory and I was feeling hugely sleep deprived. It's incredibly cool. However I would not recommend the spiral staircase in a dark tower surrounded by slightly stinky tourists when you are claustrophobic, ever-so-slightly hungover and your sister is getting hysterical that she's wearing the wrong shoes.

All in all a successful weekend although getting home proved entirely tiresome. I normally really like Easyjet. Yes I know that it's cool to knock them but I've always thought they're hugely efficient. So yesterday the problems started when the Europeans abandoned British queuing protocol and getting on the plane was an unholy mess. Then we taxied off (a bit late thanks to the boarding fiasco), tootled off down the runway and waited…and waited…and waited. Then the captain told us we had a computer problem and they needed to reboot. That didn't work. So we had to go back to the stand and get an engineer over, that took AGES. We spent two and a half hours waiting on the plane for it to be fixed (galling when the flight is only 2 hours to start off with). Okay, all fixed, off we go – hurrah! The powers that be at Gatwick then decided because we were late we couldn't have a stand. We waited in a field for about 45 minutes till some man with a coach found us so we could get off the plane. Then of course you just know your luggage is going to be taken to the terminal by donkey and if you're lucky you might get out some time before midnight. All a bit annoying.


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