Big B Alert

My interest is waning I have to say but I had thought Nikki was going to be the most annoying person in the house. The girl whinges, she whines, she behaves like a three year old.

However, from first glance (and I know that's very unreasonable) Aisleyne is going to give Nikki a run for her money. What does a model/promotions girl do? And how can there be two of them in the Big Brother house. It's hardly a representative cross-section of British society is it? Do you remember the first Big Brother when people were trying to be all worthy and said it was a fly-on-the-wall programme giving us exactly that?

If aliens landed and watched Big B to find out what these humans were like, they'd probably run off to the far corners of the universe vowing not to return until we were sufficiently developed to be of use to them. At the moment the only thing the current inamtes are any good at is bitching…and the only one I think I like (although I reserve the right to change my mind) is Pete who seems a genuinely nice guy and doesn't go in for the bitching malarkey quite as much as the others.


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