Lies, damn lies and statistics

Really interesting article by Philip Eden (what a suitable name) on the BBC website about the drought/deluge problem currently facing the south east. It makes you realise that no part of our lives is immune from spin (and being vaguely connected to the spinning trade, I should know this already).

The problem is you do believe the hype. I was chatting to someone last night who had watched Are We Changing Planet Earth in tears. Okay may be a bit extreme, but she was so concerned that we are ruining our planet and when you are faced with the enormous scale of what we are doing to the world then you feel like a very insignificant soul who can do nothing to effect real change. Oh yes, we can recycle; we can conserve water; we can try to use our bikes, public transport, our legs more. But when you are faced with the reality of what mankind is doing to the rainforests; how we are so dependent on fossil fuels; and how major world governments just don't care – then your tiny effort seems so futile.

Then companies and organisations use statistics to frighten us. They do and most of us will act (let's face it you really have to be a cretin not to recycle). But then you find out that your recycling is ending up on landfill and the water companies are exaggerating the truth and you get so disillusioned that sometimes you think, why bother?

Okay, possibly got a bit carried away with something quite serious here (actually blogs are cool because you can be discussing the joys of Big Brother one minute and global warming in the next breath) and I've just realised this could be seen as an homage to the BBC website – I do look at other places on t'internet I promise.


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One response to “Lies, damn lies and statistics

  1. Great links!

    This whole drought story really annoys me. If the water companies stopped wasting so much water through leaky pipes, we wouldn’t be worried by some localised dry spells. We all need to be responsible with our water, but what I consume, compared to what is lost through the leaks, or what a factory consumes, is a tiny drop.

    And as for the recycling. Grr.

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