We are no longer the eyesore of the street

Yes! The fence is up. It's so exciting to open the front gate and then not have to reassemble it complete with orange string. It's not as gorgeous as a wall but there we go. I'm happy (it had better not attract some youth with a spray can or I will cry).

I am sick of getting wet every day. What is it with this weather? I know we need rain. I appreciate that even the current deluge is not going to sort out the drought problem (although I'm sure if someone put their mind to it, they could work out a way of sorting it out). However, I am mightily sick of getting wet every day especially on the way to work and then you have to sit and steam dry all morning before going out again at lunchtime to get wet. I am also having a shoe crisis. I have lots of lovely pairs of shoes. All far too lovely to be worn in the rain – so I am reduced to about two pairs of shoes neither of which are hugely suitable. Yes I could get my boots out again but it's nearly the end of May for heaven's sakes and I am strictly a 'boots in winter'/'sandals in summer' girl. So today I am wearing a pair of sandals. Highly impractical I know but they have got quite a big heel so at least will keep my jeans from dragging in the puddles and I'll just have to hope trench foot doesn't set in!

Oh I suppose I need to mention Big Brother. Actually I've worked out that they are not the whackiest bunch in history, they're quite a boring bunch of teenagers/people who act like teenagers. Thank goodness Shahbaz has gone. Okay he was entertaining in a sort of car crash TV kind of way but either the psychological screening went wrong or it was a deliberately calculated plan on his part to come in, cause mayhem and then sell his story about his BB hell (cynical moi?). I quite like Richard but think he has the potential to be an enormously annoying bitch. It could go either way (he also reminds me of Dan from BB5 – or perhaps I just can't get past the tall, gay man thing!). Anyway, enough of the BB house. I really should get a grip.


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