I surrender

I tried. I didn't watch Big B on Thursday or Friday or Saturday – I was doing something called 'having a life'. Then I came back to London (ie the real world) and immediately got sucked in.

In fact my televisual treats last night were entirely reality TV show based and shows my somewhat ecletic TV tastes. First up, Antiques Roashow. Always so soothing on a Sunday evening and with that frisson of will it or won't it be worth lots and lots of money. Then House of Tiny Tearaways largely because I think Dr Tanya is lovely and it's also the best contraceptive in the world. They should show it in secondary schools for those bratty 12 year olds that want to get pregnant instead of playing with Barbies (although don't get me started on the evilness that is Barbie – from the mouth of a four year old last week: "I don't like Barbie, it's all about advertising" – bless and scarily inciteful).

Anyway, I thought I had forgotten to turn over from House of Tiny Tearaways but realised that unfortunately a bunch of 20 and 30 somethings who really ought to know better can have just as many ridiculous tantrums as your average three year old. Big Brother? Big Bollocks! But I'm hooked. I am also seriously worried about Nikki – can anyone be such a cretin that they are dehydrated beyond belief but won't touch tap water. I know tap water is vile but IT IS NOT GOING TO KILL YOU.


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